Eric Dolphy/Randall Hartman





Juke Joint Reprisal/Gazonelli


Angular and disjointed

as the articulated landscape

of my life…

not to be flippant,

but are there any surprises

evermore nowadays? Pause

because silence denotes



naysayers work overtime

to let the latter notion

come to be highlighted

in the lobes of our brains,

but just above the lobes

of our ears is ingested

the tympanic enlightenment,

the sheer joy of spontaneity,

and the thrill of establishing

our own rules whilst breaking

new ground and the old blue note laws….

A legacy is often, yet rare.




Falling Out in the Alley Behind the Juke Joint/Hat and Beard


The Dream spell – spelled out on the bars

 the interlacing of the 13- moon,

 28-day solar/lunar round scales

with the 13-Tone,

 20-Tribe galactic spin.

Without the Thirteenth Moon;

without placing the dubious fortune 

back into our consciousness,

we remain absolutely trapped

in the complex fixation of form. 

With the 13th spherical-lyrical undulation

we have the transcendence

and also the circulation of 4/4 time

and time not revisited…

 where has the order of chaos been hiding? 

By suppressing the reed

The depressing of mother of pearl keys

Gaining on you could be the absolute

 creational principle of mad skill?

the Dream spelled out beyond the treble clef

 the interlacing of the ditty digits,

on keys to the solar/lunar universe and chorus

round with the 13-Tone, 20-Tribe galactic spin.

Beam me up to the bridge

Reverberating over the cerebral cortex

Harmonic module collective,

spiritual gestation for the tympanic membrane

and desert consisting of audio soul food…love.




And The Termites Ain’t Leavin’ Neither/Straight Up and Down


See much through that cool blue smoke?

            The mirrors ain’t cracked but the window surely is

There’s a creaking in the polished patina as the cup is saucered

And the drinker reclines; wilder than an asp used

By the lonely lion tamer, baby….

It’s all about love…it’s all about giving something back to the community

…now go check that plumbing, daddy-o

You’ll come out more flush than the royalty laid out from the deck…

Fan that smoking ace….Now the stage is lit

So is the listener, and optical orbs discover

Illumination. Draw deep, exhale and smile…it’s hip.

Enjoy the highlife, the stage is totally lit.



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