Dinah Washington/Marcie Eanes


No More Tears


A dab of my favorite perfume

sends me on my way.

Accentuating every inch,

my new red dress


like second skin

Shiny, spiked  heels


I'm in charge

All tears cried out:

you're now history

Time to strut with head high

accepting your final goodbye.


Now I'm free 

Happy  to see my dreams take flight

Tonight it's pleasure

 simply for me.

Enjoying head-turning commotion 

a sassy red dress

and mile-high heels bring

 when presented with class 

into a crowded room

Confidence glowing

with every shimmy; 

flirting with admirers 

near and far.



What A Difference Dinah Makes


That spat we had was awful

All the yelling and such,

but coming home 

to the sounds of Dinah

Made things better.

Turning off all, talking until we reach the root

We kiss 




Dinah guiding us into longing arms;

connection more than words


Cuddle close,

we rediscover us

Delightful nuzzles 

on a pleasant summer's eve

bring thrills

Glad 24 hours lay ahead...

Stroking our romantic night

into a soulful  flame 

Lovingly committed

to memory

Dinah's magic 


with our stirred passions.



Reversing Fall


You taught me

trust meant nothing

Pretty little lies

tumbled from 

slippery lips

Luring me 

from comfortable happiness

into sadness's dark abyss.

Now I sit alone

Crying, blaming self 

Drinking and waiting hours 

for you.


When we're together,

your touches feel




Always pushing me away.

I smell another's perfume

You laugh, leaving 

without explanation

Pieces of me 

stick to the soles 

of your shoes

I gather 

what's left;

Figuring out

how to save myself



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