Billie Holiday/Daisy Franco




(influenced by Billie Holiday’s “Solitude”)


If I could

erase your solitude

Haunt your gloomy days

with melodies


Your voice blazing

like a trumpet

My alto as accompaniment

It would be

a new reverie


Each moment

a splendid surprise—

like the notes in a tune

Consecutive new




Dance To a New Beat 

(influenced by Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child”)


Like bass strings

we sing low

when life pulls hard


Look at the sky,   

a quiet light show

Dots of promise almost staccato


Murmur we'll be

on the upswing

Soft words that

soon bring

sweet sleep


We'll wake to a new beat,

the piano

tickling our ears,

the grass  

kissing our feet.




(influenced by Billie Holiday’s “Our Love is Different”)


For Epi


Our love is different

like raw emotion on fingertips

honeydew on bees lips

eyes quiet beam like fireflies

glances stolen by sweet surprise


Our love is different

like sun rays in a spring storm

chills even when it's warm

wildflowers dancing on high fields

no doubt this love is real


Our love is different

I'll hold your hand through high tide

Until the waters subside     

In this life and the next, dear

I promise to be always near


And if God shall call, Love

I'll be waiting above

Because 'though we're here now

this love transcends all somehow

Our love is different


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