Cecil Taylor/Valery Oisteanu




Cecil Taylor Blues

Soho outdoor performance, 1984


Old cobblestones rattle in symbiosis

The piano shakes slightly under Cecil’s hand

At an outdoor stage, immersing the audience

Culture vultures abound around circling

Procession of simulacra, desperate breathing

Carnivorous flowers blooming,

Kabuki dancer flows with layered shadows

Hollow horses, skeletal but glassy

Sounds of the Mercer street pianissimo

Somnambulically moving, door-to-door

Window-to-window, ascending floor-by-floor

Burning sounds of Soho boho bohemia

Buddha swings to joyous free jazz

Radical riffs exciting minds to sex, drugs & rock-and-roll

His revolutionary rhythms soaring over the dangerous clocks

Prometheus dashes out of the abyss

While the mist falls from nostalgic corals




The Drumming Piano

Duet with Max Roach

for Cecil Taylor


Ocean waves in his fingers

Sky fires in his eyes

Rocks cascading in his hands

A snake drawing slithering in his back pocket

A duet with Max Roach cracking the sound barrier

Baby sharks falling from treetops

Nipping at the heels of the trespassers

Immobility broken by light beams

In the dark corner the shaman

Sings in a high pitch, songs of Africa

Birds have piano keys painted on their wings

They fly out of the painting

Flashing in his memory, devouring it

The shadows have animalistic contours

Jumping from tree to tree

Brushing against the composer

Hunching gracefully over the piano

Like a big question mark




Make Music Cecil Taylor


It is the un-season of unreason

Some will say flippantly

Do not just feel-it, live-it!

And you the audience

Do not just sit there listening

Get up and shake it, move

Tap your feet, snap your fingers

That will  unleash accidentaly

A thousand clouds a thousand streams

The beat of the rainwater

Vortex of concentric sounds

Caged plants escape fire escapes

Toys are bleeding in the branches of chance

Till they run out of blood

Lying on the scarred sidewalks of asphalt

Let your hand strike the right key

Staccatos bouncing off the glass ceiling

And the garden is melting under a heavy sky

Make miracles Cecil, make music for sorcerers

Engulfed by the fire of shredded mirrors. 




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