Nicole Mitchell/Elizabeth Marino


Sonic Projections

Vision Festival 19, Roulette, Brooklyn 14 June 2014



It is as if somebody’s moving

Heavy furniture into a tiny apartment. The acoustic piano breaks in:

Put. That. There.


   *  *


A tuft of red against thick brown wool tweed. That touch of sound.

The chaos roars back.

Her rough lyrical intervention matches

Growl for growl.

The quartet’s leader sways in flip flops.

Urging, prodding, coxing, and stomping out a sound.

Lifting it high above her head.


* *


That rough lyricism again.

Good dark chocolate

Laced with red peppers.



Meadow Sunlight in the Swinging Field

      We think of a soprano flute
As something light -- BUTTERFLIES Lighter than air
        And its flutist – under the sun
Rarely a first chair – BUTTERFLIES.

But keep in the back of your mind BUTTERFLIES
      See B R E A T H  = L I F E.
Nicole contracts – under her sun
      And releases her breath to fly,

            hold and reach every ensemble member                                               

                                          and they she reaches, reaches.

Whether the “idiomatic logic that goes on” in her  

                           or Joni’s head allows her students to follow -- BUTTERFLIES
But never simply imitate her – sun down.

Or is she a teacher who allows her listeners to sing

                            or urges her students to fly on their own
There is that pedestrian art – and BUTTERFLIES    

           And those aires that limn the marvelous sun.



Indigi Trio – Nicole Mitchell Solo Flute

Grass hopper in black leathers sings


In the dead of night.


Take this sound and push it to the end


Of my fancy.  Far into the waking day


Jumping till no piercers find a place


To name land.


Grass hopper in black leathers sings


In the dead of night.


Here here here I am.


Come catch me.


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