Muhal Richard Abrams/Yolanda Nieves




Muhal Richard Abrams-#1


I just decided one day that I wanted to play the piano. It

happened in a funny way. My sister had a music theory book. 

So I picked that book up and decided I was going to learn what all those symbols meant. 

-Muhal Richard Abrams            

National Endowment for the Arts 2010 Interview                            



The blue music notes celebrate in



then fast motion your authority

is action


as you create new rhythms in


smooth wanderings of sounds

born to a new life


so much depends

on the hot


perfection of your prayer


in unison of brain, fingers,

and breath


the moments of truth



in cool smoky vibrations


Great Divinity emerges from

black and white


piano keys illuminating modulations

no one has ever


heard before.



Name Me Some Songs* Muhal!


So young at heart




wise in time

with levels and degrees of light

my Afrisong spirals live at Montreux 1978.


Blues forever!


Mama and Daddy

in the family talk


gave me the


visibility of thought

one line two views

think all, focus one


reiterate in an


open air meeting.

The roots of blue

sight song


is a



song for all

things to come from those now gone




vision toward essence



blu, blu, blu.


*Names of all his major albums



Dear Muhal-May the Road to Jazz be Forever Free


While governments wage war to

eliminate avante-guard

jazz, sass, and 

the sacred illogicality

of blues

curtailing musicians to

pistol-shot poverty


forcing pianos to be silent

while guitars linger in

the blackness of cases



thick-skinned musicians

live on

the dangerous edge of revolution


in soulful evolution


demanding to give to the world

musical transmissions

an allegiant

worship of the blues


jazzing half-note and

full-notes that

rotate on an axis


this fire

emerges from

an eclipse burning with

a million heartbeats


into existence


one soul

for all.



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